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ADHD Symptoms One of the mental disorders that has been receiving a lot of light lately is ADHD. This may be largely due to more kids receiving this diagnosis as their condition. Aside from kids there are adults too that are found to be having this condition. If you are a mom or a dad and you are worried if your child may have ADHD, how do you tell if he or she really has it? Then you can read on to find out about the ADHD symptoms to look out for. Symptoms related to ADHD are usually clumped under three major ones. We will be looking at specifics of each one. One of the major symptoms is inattention. Persons with ADHD suffer from an inability to stay focused on a task. For kids this may mean missing out on school tasks such as homework. Because of their condition they may even suffer from forgetfulness of important details. It could also mean being disorganized. It is not just kids who display disorganization but adults who have ADHD as well. Typically ADHD people also have the tendency to be jumping from one task to another one even without having finished the first one yet. They will also typically find it difficult to stay focused on one task. With the kids this may present problems in finishing even simple school tasks. Adults who have ADHD on the other hand will have difficulty in their work because of their condition.
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The next major symptom of ADHD is hyperactivity. When we speak of hyperactivity we do not refer to the normal desire for movement found in kids. With a kid who has this condition there is great difficulty in keeping still. It is like the kid always feels like he or she has to be on the go. When you ask this kid to sit still, you may find him or her fidgeting or squirming in his or her seat. That is why they have a hard time in school as they are asked to sit there for long periods of time. Kids with ADHD will also typically want to climb or run around.
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The third major symptom of ADHD is impulsivity. This might mean being careless in doing things. This means that kids who suffer from this condition will often do things on a whim. Because of this they may experience difficulty in their communication skills too. For one their impulsivity may lead them to interrupt other people during conversations. They may also start blurting out things. They may be impatient when it comes to their turn. They can also talk during inappropriate times. A child needs to show some of the symptoms listed to be seen as having ADHD. Of course you need an expert to make a proper diagnosis of your child.