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Exercise to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Today there are a lot of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Studies estimate that the number of diabetics may double or triple in the next twenty years. Diet and exercise can be the best treatment for diabetes although today, there are still researches going on in this field. The American Heart Association has recommended that individuals who want to stay healthy should at least devote 150 minutes in moderate intensity aerobic exercises. But, when a person is diabetic, it is likely that more exercise is required. When we speak of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, it can be described where the one doing the exercise is almost breathless and is unable to speak comfortably in a full sentence. Some examples of aerobic exercises include jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and cycling. Also included in this category are sports activities like tennis or badminton.
The Essentials of Monitors – Getting to Point A
There are a number of ways by which exercise can reverse Type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar control and type 2 diabetes can be improved by exercise in the ways shown below.
The Essentials of Monitors – Revisited
Diabetes is developed when the body resists insulin. This means that tissues in the body resist the actions of insulin. To provide the cells with energy, glucose absorbed from food is pushed into the cells by a hormone released by the pancreas which is insulin. If the cells are insulin resistant, they cannot get the glucose that is required for them to function normally. It has now been clinically tested that with aerobic exercise, insulin sensitivity in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes can improve. The recommendation was for moderate intensity exercise, but it has also been shown that even exercises of mild intensity have some effect on the blood sugars. Improvement and enhanced sensitivity to insulin can last for 72 hours for those who had a single round of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. It takes daily exercise to maintain this positive effect. Many of those with type 2 diabetes are obese. It can become a lot easier to control blood sugar if you can lose a great amount of weight over a period of time. People have been able to reverse their diabetes completely by regularly exercising and losing a great amount of weight. Exercise can strengthen the heart muscle and improve its efficiency by keeping the heart pumping at a fast rate. With exercise, cholesterol levels are reduced and this allows good blood pressure control. These are important in the prevention of heart disease which is highly prevalent in individuals with diabetes. Exercises performed regularly can reduce blood glucose levels by 20%. Blood sugar levels can be controlled if an individual exercises regularly and combined with improved insulin sensitivity.