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Is Your Alcohol Consumption Already a Form of Addiction?

For the most part, the term “addiction” is associated with one thing. There’s no denying that addiction is largely associated with substance abuse or the use of illegal/banned drugs, but one thing you need to understand is that there’s one side to addiction that deserves attention, too. We’re talking about alcohol addiction.

But there’s a huge difference between alcohol and illegal drugs. This difference comes in the fact that taking a banned substance is already a bad thing in itself, but drinking alcohol is not. However, this doesn’t deny the fact that there also is some connection or link between the two, and it comes in the form of addiction or dependency.

There’s nothing wrong if you’re drinking alcohol in moderation. However, there are unfortunate scenarios in which it no longer is possible to distinguish the fine line that separates moderation and dependence. And since you’re reading this post, it’s safe to bet that you’re someone who is suffering from this issue.

Now if you happen to be suffering from a drinking problem or maybe someone else close to you is, the first and most important thing you need to understand is that there is a way to get out of it. But like knowing your enemy first before going to war, you need to acknowledge that alcohol dependence exists before you combat it. So here are some of the indicators that you or your loved one is indeed suffering from alcohol dependence.

1 – You resort to drinking whenever you feel like you need to relax or you need to feel better.

In many of the cases that involves alcohol addiction, there always seems to be an emotional cause. If you consider yourself as someone who makes the excuse of having to drink in order to get rid of anxiety and stress, it’s an obvious sign that a drinking problem is currently developing.

2 – You’re already lying or hiding your drinking.

This is called denial. Why would you lie about or hide the fact that you’re drinking if it’s only occasional or casual? The answer is quite clear – you no longer are drinking in moderation.

3 – You don’t have the ability to stop once you begin drinking.

At first, you always say to yourself that you’re going to drink just one glass. But soon after you no longer have consciousness as to number of bottled you’ve emptied.

The thing with a drinking problem developing within you is that you might eventually avoid or completely refuse help from groups like the Addiction Advocates in Texas, and if you do that, you will find yourself losing everything you have in life. Obviously, that’s the last thing you want to happen, right? The road to redeeming yourself is crooked, bumpy, and full of obstacles, but it’s the only road you have left and once you open up your door to invite some help, you’d be fine.