What To Do if You Suspect Hearing Loss

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Have you noticed that you’re setting the volume level on your TV, car radio, or phone, higher than you used to? Do you have difficulty understanding what people are saying during normal conversations or find yourself asking people to repeat themselves? If so, you may be experiencing a degree of hearing loss, especially if you’re elderly or work in a loud environment.

Why Hearing is Important

Our primary means of communication is speech and diminished hearing affects this ability. The ability to hear allows us to socialize, warns of us potential danger, and enables us to work effectively. In general, hearing permits us to enjoy life. Therefore, diminished hearing affects us physically, emotionally, and socially.

How Hearing Loss Affects You

Hearing loss often leads to anger, negative attitude, and irritability. It can leave you feeling stressed and worn-out. You might tend to withdraw from social interaction leading to depression and loneliness. Loss of hearing can lead to unsafe situations as a person’s alertness is decreased.

How Hearing Loss is Evaluated

If you suspect hearing loss the first step is to arrange for a Colorado Springs hearing test. One method to evaluate a person’s hearing ability is to use an audiometer. An audiometric test measures the amount of sound reaching the brain. What we call sounds, are really vibrations, which produce sound waves. Each wave vibrates at a unique frequency (speed) and the speed determines the pitch (how low or high) the sound is. How loud a sound is (volume) is determined by the height of the sound wave.

What To Expect During a Hearing Test

Hearing tests verify and determine the severity of the loss. Hearing tests will determine what form of hearing loss you have: sensorineural, conductive, or a combination of both. The form or type of hearing loss you are experiencing also determines what kind of treatment it will require: medical or hearing aid devices.

If it has been determined that hearing aids are in order you should first visit a hearing aid specialist. They will ask a series of questions to determine the best device for your hearing loss. The technician will suggest a few hearing aid models based on your hearing needs and degree and type of hearing loss. There are several types of hearing aid devices with varying technologies and price points.