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Effects of Sleep Apnea

There are so many among us who are affected by sleep apnea. There may be many people suffering from this condition, but only a few of them have gotten diagnosed. By not doing something about it, you leave yourself open to getting a serious health issue like high blood pressure or a stroke. There are also several celebrities who have the same condition. Here are some of them.
Amy Poehler, the comedian and actor is a long-time victim. Sleep apnea for her has made taking care of her kids much harder. Therefore, a solution such as a CPAP machine may not be your favorite thing, but you need it to sleep well. Without proper sleep, you cannot function at your optimum levels. Quality sleep is good for your work and home life.
Arianna Huffington, the founder, and manager of the Huffington Post has also enjoyed success as an author and actress. It was not an easy ride for her, as she had to put up with sleep apnea. She even wrote a book about it, which inspires so many to resolve to live their lives despite the best efforts of sleep apnea.
Shaquille O’Neal is among the greatest basketball players the NBA has ever witnessed. He too has battled with sleep apnea for so many years. Through his platform and fame, he has taken time to sensitize people to the plight of those with the condition. With such awareness, many people have come to appreciate the dangers they face from this condition. Take time to inform those in your circle on the dangers of sleep apnea.
Regis Philbin is well known for his part in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” He did so while dealing with sleep apnea. The apnea became so serious his wife was affected. She was kept awake for so long, something that can be quite irritating and bad for your health and relationship. You should learn from him the importance of taking action, as you are not the only one affected. The first move should be to read more about sleep apnea warning signs you should not ignore.
Quincy Jones is one of the most revered personalities in the music industry. You can find many examples of his work with the greatest musicians. But he too has struggled with sleeping well. He has managed to begin treatment for the condition.
These popular personalities go to show that sleep apnea does not discriminate in its effects. They have grown to such heights, which tells anyone of the power we have over the condition. When you feel like you cannot manage with this condition, look to them to see examples of what you can do.
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